Last Minute Gift Givers: This One’s For You!

  • 👋🏻HIII NYC Mamas! 👋🏻 On Saturday, check out this amazing event mama @alinett has organized alongside Candice Miller. Mini fashion, arts&crafts + a maze! #habitualmom #bklynkidsmkt
  • A logo redesign and website overhaul that @wheres_tina from @habitualmom worked on went live today! We were so excited to work with the talented @opalandjayephoto and make sure her beautiful photography took center stage! Thank you for working with us!!!
  • Even when the kids are at school, somebody has got to touch us while we try to get work done. #habitualmom #puppycuddles
  • So many moms need to remember this, especially when we get in a parenting funk. You are a strong woman, mom, being. Keep kicking ass! #habitualmom
  • It's Friday. We so deserve these. #allthemacaroons #habitualmom
  • How do you get work done with kids running around at home? Got any tips? #nojudgementzone #habitualmom
  • Mondays. Amirite? #habitualmom
  • ☕☕☕NEW POST UP - LINK IN PROFILE. ☕☕☕ we're getting deep about the difficulties of balancing career, motherhood and our intuition.  #habitualmom