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  • Hey, Friday. We're SO ready for you. #habitualmom
  • All those days partying, I mean... studying really hard in college pays off when you have a newborn. To new moms... we see you 💜 #habitualmom
  • Sometimes I wish I could send my past self a letter about what it will be like to become a mother. So, I did. In the form of a blog post. Link in bio. #habitualmom
  • Seriously. Someone, somewhere is going to tell you you're doing it wrong. Breastfeeding? Using Asana over Andco? Sleep training? The way you network? It's all wrong to someone. But guess what? IT'S RIGHT FOR YOU. #habitualmom
  • We are so excited for this event our friends are putting on this weekend! We will be there with our kiddos praying they don’t eat sand or meltdown. 🤞
  • We woke up thinking it was Friday. #itsalmostfriday #habitualmom
  • Don't you judge me. You've done it! 🤔😁 #tfw #habitualmom
  • Mom happiness is a jean romper found in the children's section at Target. #livingmybestlife #fivefootperks #thankscatandjack #habitualmom